Indian Eagle Owl (Bubo bengelensis)

Indian Eagle Owl
A white-faced Indian Eagle
Owl, a colour variation
(morph) of a normal
Indian Eagle Owl.
The Raptor Foundation

Until recently, the Indian Eagle Owl was listed as a subspecies of Eurasian Eagle Owl (subspecies : Bubo bubo bengalensis). It is significantly smaller & its vocalisations & DNA are distinct, so it is now classified as a separate species.

The Indian Eagle Owl is found throughout the Indian subcontinent, as far north as the Himalayas. It is found in rocky hills & ravines, wooded scrubland & old mango orchards. Although not classified as a threatened species, it is not common anywhere in its natural habitat.

The Indian Eagle Owl feeds mainly on rodents, but wll also eat birds, reptiles, frogs, crabs & large invertebrates. Occassionally hunting during the day, it is mainly a crepuscular bird, hunting at dusk or dawn.

Breeding takes place mainly between February & April, but may extend between October & May. Nesting is usually on the ground, often in a scrape on a rocky ledge. 2-5 eggs are laid & incubation lasts for around 35 days.

IUCN Red List Status :

Least Concern (LC)

Also Called :

Bengal Eagle Owl
Rock Eagle Owl
Dutch Bengaalse oehoe
French Grand-duc Indien
German Bengalenuhu
Spanish Búho bengalí

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