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This statement is to confirm that I respect the privacy and rights of the visitors to this site. No effort is made to identify individuals without their knowledge. With the exception of when you make an entry to my guestbook, I do not collect any personal information about you on this site. If you have any queries about this privacy policy, then please contact me.


When you make an entry in my guestbook your IP address is stored. I will not make any attempt to identify an individual from this information, but in the event of abuse, reserve the right to identify your service provider and pass on the information regarding the abuse.

When making an entry in my guestbook, your are given the option to enter your e-mail address. If you enter your e-mail address in the data entry field, then that address will be saved in a protected area of my website that is not accessible to third parties. Your address will only be used to make a specific reply to your entry in my guestbook by myself. Unless you request otherwise, I will not pass your address on to any third party.

Please note, if you enter your e-mail address in the body of the comment, I will remove it as quickly as possible for your own security, but there is the possibility that it will be detected by malicious web scanners before I get the chance. Only enter your e-mail address in the field provided.

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