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Paul D. Frost Birds Of Prey
   Majestic Masters Of The Skies (256page)
   Winged Hunters Of The Skies (96page)
   Greifvögel : Die Meister der Lüfte (German 256page)
   Roofvogels : heersers van het luchtruim (Dutch 256page)
   Oiseaux de proie : Ces majestueux chasseurs du ciel écrit (French 256page)
   Aves Rapaces (Spanish 256page)

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DETR (Compiled & Edited by Michael Bradley Taylor QPM)Wildlife Crime : A Guide to Wildlife Law Enforcement in the United Kingdom 0117533173


UK quarterly published falconry magazine.

Where To Contact Them
Falconers Magazine
Subscriptions Dept
PO Box 464
Berkhampstead, Herts, HP4 2UR
Tel: 01442 879097

Book Shops & Sellers

Modern & antiquarian Books for the Angler & Sportsman. An excellent, reliable source of books on Falconry & Birds of Prey, in addition to all other field sports. Regular special offers on many books. Also buys books, from individual items to large libraries. Has a stall at many of the Game & Country Fairs throughout the country.

Where To Contact Them
Paul Morgan
Pentrehedyn Street
Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8DJ
Tel: 01654 702837
Fax: 01654 702857

Two online stores in the USA run by the same person, " has the largest list of specialized books, videos and DVDs on raptors available for falconers, rehabilitators, zoos, libraries and bird watchers" and "Western Sporting's focus is providing quality falconry equipment & supplies, books & videos, artwork & collectibles for falconers, rehabilitators, zoos & dog & pigeon fanciers".

Where To Contact Them
David Frank
Western Sporting
PO Box 939
WY 82839
Tel : 1-307-672-0445

Internet Forums

Falconry knowledge, help and advice. A forum of people of all levels of experience in falconry, set up with the aim of being accessible to all,. All members are expected to reply politely & respectfully, especially to newcomers to falconry, so that no-one is afraid to ask even the most trivial question - everybody has to start somewhere and the welfare of the birds is the priority.


A charity dedicated to the monitoring & protection of & education about the Red Kite population in Wales. Closely linked to the feeding station at Gigrin Farm.

Where To Contact Them
Tony Cross
The Welsh Kite Trust, The Stable Cottage,
Doldowlod, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 6HG

An excellent site dedicated to owls. (NOTE - this link doesn't like starting in a frame, so it opens a new copy of the browser.)

Site for UK bird watchers, gives plenty of information about resident species, including raptors.

Estimates of the populations of UK raptors, produced for the UK Raptor Working Group.

Comprehensive source of information about birds and bird care. Whilst the site is principally about cage & aviary birds, particularly parrots & hookbills, it has an extensive section on wild birds covering raptors.

This page covers owls & the secretary bird.

A description of falconry in England during the 15th century.

A site devoted to vultures, both New World & Old World. The Secretary bird is also included (one of its alternative names is the Secretary Vulture), along with the Maribou Stork.

Website of the worlds first birds of prey sanctuary, founded in 1934 in Pennsylvania.

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