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Name : Lyndsay
Date : 14 December 2010 00:26:19
From Page : redkite.html

Thanks very much, it cleared up a couple of issues and taught me lots of things that I didn't know I didn't know!!!!

Name : no
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Date : 6 December 2010 20:04:23
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Name : no
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Date : 6 December 2010 20:04:13
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Date : 18 November 2010 21:54:35
From Page : intro_o.html

OMG! i had to do a project and this helped me so much. thank u

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Date : 17 November 2010 03:14:11
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Date : 9 November 2010 11:55:46
From Page : intro_o2.html

My granddad has been suffering in poor health for 5-6 weeks. The night before last, I heard an owl hooting non-stop for 8-9 times and then it stopped for a few mins, after which it hooted twice again. This morning my granddad passed away. I thought this might provide some insight for your research. Thanks for posting this link.
P.S: I have never before heard a owl hooting for so long and certainly have not even heard it in the last 5-6 years.

Name : Sparrow
Date : 8 November 2010 05:34:59
From Page : speagleowl.html

Of course it was helpful! When is learning something good ever unhelpful?? Thank -you very much and for the work you all do.

Date : 1 November 2010 16:02:38
From Page : secretary.html

Great site! well organized and imformative... Thanks!

Name : Stephanie
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Date : 29 October 2010 17:10:13
From Page : intro_o2.html

It was helpful; would expand on this with information regarding beliefa around owls and their caw and/or hoot and any interpretation in cultural beliefs, i.e. Native American, etc.

Name : Debbie
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Date : 23 October 2010 05:20:35
From Page : harris.html

I think I saw one today at my home in Scottsdale. I've been online trying to figure out what it was, almost positive this is it. Took some photos, but he's a bit far away to be sure. Mostly black, red chest, big patch of white under the tail, tan or yellow beak . . . big!
Any thoughts?

Name : Fred
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Date : 28 September 2010 16:08:40
From Page : eeagleowl.html

"Please let me know if this page was helpful" - Yes, indeed - it was a good page on the eagle owl - thanks.

Name : Melissa Kelly
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Date : 26 September 2010 23:01:07
From Page : gthornedowl.html

Yes indeed; a very helpful page. Not the usual natural history blurbs copied from all the all other pages on the web.

Date : 25 September 2010 21:00:22
From Page : intro_o2.html

Really interesting - thanks! X

Name : Early
Date : 18 September 2010 17:52:06
From Page : intro_o2.html

My belief has always been that owls are good luck/helpful to humans. My sister told me recently that they were bad luck. My mom is giving us some of her household things & that is one of the things she wanted us to take. I wanted it, my sister said no, it's bad luck. I believe your article to be VERY helpful in that it covers all beliefs. I'm going to take my Mom's little owl home to watch over me as I choose to lean towards the positive side of these fascinating beings. Thank you for your article/help. You were the first (and last) I opened, I'm very happy I did. Thank you again.

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Date : 17 September 2010 00:52:10
From Page : intro_o2.html

I enjoyed reading the fokelore about owls. IN Past few years i've some strange experiences with them and wanted to know more about them, and history. There is an owl thats in my yard every afternoon and he fusses with the squrrels! several years ago a large owl hit my van , i stopped to check on him, saw that he was still alive barely, i opened the hatchback to my van and he flew in! Stayed abck there until I got to friends house opened the van and zoomed away high into the GEorgia pines.

Date : 10 September 2010 02:47:33
From Page : goshawk.html

Helped me a lot.

Name : wil p
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Date : 19 August 2010 11:23:34
From Page : intro_o2.html

Dear Sir;
I am writing a book on the us one dollar bill and i am looking for information that i can use regarding the mythology and folklore for the Owl. I am looking for permission to include your articles on the subject in my book as i found them very informative and interesting and they would allow me to explain the Owl if i am allowed to include your articles.
I am more than happy to give a better description of what i am trying to achieve by using your articles if you wish to know.
kindest regards.

Name : Ben
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Date : 12 August 2010 12:19:22
From Page : comments1.html

Hello Paul,
You say....the European Eagle Owl is the worlds largest Owl.
According to some modern day scientists....the worlds largest Owl is the Blakiston`s Fish Owl, not the European Eagle Owl.
Jonathan Slaght Ph.D, as been studying and monitoring the Blakiston`s Fish Owl for several years in Primorski Kray in the Russian Far East (home of the worlds largest cat the Amur (siberian) Tiger. Part of Mr Slaght studies included capturing several of these Owls, during captures he measured and weighed them, Mr Slaght says....Blakiston`s Fish Owl`s are a bit heavier than European Eagle Owl.
Some Blakiston`s Fish Owl`s he captured weighed 10 lbs.
European Eagle Owl`s are up to 9 lbs.
The two owls measurements are about the same, but Blakiston`s usually weigh more according to Mr Slaght.

Name : Mary
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Date : 12 August 2010 02:57:03
From Page : trivia.html

I was trying to find a source for the St. Alban story, and I came upon your site. I remember hearing the story almost exactly as you describe, but I can't remember the source, either ! Years ago--after I mentioned the St. Alban story in a book review on Amazon--I was contacted by an iconographer who had been commissioned to create an icon for a church in the US. She was going to use the gyrfalcon in the icon because she just loved the image. She, too, was interested in the origin of the legend. I don't know if she ever completed the work; I lost touch with her. I will probably eventually come across the original St. Alban reference I remember; if so, I will send it to you.
I enjoyed visiting your site; it is really good.
I am a falconer in Chicago currently flying a redtail.

Name : john morris
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Date : 31 July 2010 17:14:13
From Page : hybridf.html

See irish Times 30th July Friday Mother of first ever hybrids given to Dublin Museum of Natural History 2 photos!

Name : Stuart Walters
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Date : 19 July 2010 23:55:44
From Page : peregrine.html

I'd like to comment on the apparent misinformed facts on your peregrine page. Gyr falcons, which are widely known to be the heaviest of falcons, struggle to peak the maximum 46oz that you suggested a peregrine would have. Surely being a falconer you should know this? I understand that this is the maximum, but the maximum i've ever heard anyone speak of a peregrine is 2lb, and even then i thought their grass was blue in their world. Sorry for the ill tone to the comment, it just offended me, a little.

Replied by e-mail
The source of my information regarding weights of Peregrines has been verified with multiple sources, so I am confident that the data given is correct.
My primary souce is Raptors Of The World by James Ferguson-Lees & David A. Christie - considered to be one of the leading reference works on birds of prey. They give the weight range of the main subspecies as 550g-750g for males & 740g-1.3kg for females. For the largest subspecies the Peale's Falcon, the range they give is 700g-1.06kg for males & 1.1kg-1.6kg for females, so I reaaly should correct my weights upwards rather than downwards.
The weight range given for Gyr Falcons is 800g-1.32kg for males & 1.13kg-2.1kg for females

Date : 8 June 2010 19:03:20
From Page : intro_o.html

thank you - clarified some grey areas and proved me right in others

Name : Fran
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Date : 8 June 2010 17:06:45
From Page : terms.html

Thanks so much, you SAVED me! I am re-reading Rudyard Kipling's "Kim" for the umpteenth time. I have never been able to understand one of the chapter header poems due to the antigue hawking terminology. Now I can! Bless you!

E-Mail : Supplied
Date : 8 June 2010 14:36:10
From Page : intro_o.html

Where did you get that stuff about eye colour and whether the species was diurnal or nocturnal? You note:
Yellow = diurnal
Orange = crepuscular
dark = nocturnal
It is just not true but I keep hearing it quoted and wondered who on earth thought it up. Let's look at some examples
Scops owl, yellow eyes nocturnal
White-faced owl, red eyes nocturnal
Eagle Owl, orange eyes nocturnal
Marsh owl, dark eyes crepuscular and nocturnal.

Replied by e-mail
When I am giving talks about owls, I explain that the eye colouration is a useful guide to the most likely preferred time of day for hunting and that there are quite a few exceptions. The exception I usually use is the Barn Owl - dark eyed but crespuscular.
I will modify my website so that it makes it clear that the eye colouration is not a definitive guide, but if you look at all species then the majority of owls with a particular colouring will prefer to hunt at the indicated times.

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Date : 5 June 2010 11:28:57
From Page : intro_o2.html


Name :
Date : 2 June 2010 10:21:25
From Page : Unknown Last Page

Ihave 2 baby(not really)huge white (solid)owls infront of my house.I hav a verrry old pine tree huge across street a verry old pine huge tree an palms(huge) that they are hanging around in,pellets in one nite could be 6 to 10.but they scream at me an curcle above me as long as I walk,car to door?Why my kids an grankids ALL SCARD!what does it mean heard allot stories!my mom amer.indian,won't say nothing,but I feel it mor than ever cuz I see!more than ever!!!!I not scard but scard for kids an hav 2 small dogs on side alone in DATIME ONLY!!what should I think?I feel they mess with me du to not scard but whole house also rentors from MEX.terorfried!!

Name : Al Wales
E-Mail : Supplied
Date : 15 May 2010 07:58:20
From Page : intro_o2.html

I would describe this collection of data as helpful informative and educational. Finding owl mythology has been made easy thanks to your efforts. I like owls. But I don't see many. As more and more tree's are cut down.

Date : 24 April 2010 14:45:38
From Page : redtail.html

very wonderful for reports!

Name : mykeyes
E-Mail : Supplied
Date : 22 April 2010 15:35:35
From Page : intro_o.html

This has been very helpful since almost the whole world is watching Molly the barns of San Marcos. There are two owl boxes that have cameras and we have all been watching the family grow.
Thanks for posting the information

Name : Steve Sherratt
E-Mail : Supplied
Date : 15 April 2010 16:18:33
From Page : comments1.html

Oh yes there is!!!

Name : Steve Sherratt
E-Mail : Supplied
Date : 15 April 2010 16:14:49
From Page : comments1.html

Re Golden Eagles - Interesting site, but no mention of English Golden Eagles in Cumbria breeding from 1969 to 2004 and raising 16 young (now just the male)

Name : jill
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Date : 28 March 2010 21:12:05
From Page : snowyowl.html

thier was no author ofthis page and that is important

Name : Theresa
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Date : 10 March 2010 02:18:46
From Page : snowyowl.html

I love snowy owls!!! They are such fascinating creatures!! I'm doing a project on them and this website helped me a lot!!! Just so you know though, in your note you wrote Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone when the book is called Harry Potter ans the Sorcerer's Stone. Just thought you should know, thanks for the great facts on snowy owls!!! :)

Name : kyrus
Date : 3 March 2010 17:54:28
From Page : snowyowl.html

no not helpful srry

E-Mail : Supplied
Date : 5 February 2010 22:40:41
From Page : intro_o2.html

thanks this helped me alot with my project.:)

Date : 2 February 2010 02:26:15
From Page : intro_o.html

it was so helpful i needed help for a owl introduction! thanks

Name : Julie Davis
E-Mail : Supplied
Date : 2 February 2010 01:29:37
From Page : intro_o.html

Excellent introduction page on owls, Thank you!

Name : miki
E-Mail : Supplied
Date : 16 January 2010 02:28:45
From Page : shortearowl.html

yeah it was helpful,but can you include some pictures please?and wow only 800 letters and or characters?,jeez anyway cool site.

The limit on characters in the guestbook is down to the ISP - eliminates some of the garbage which comes through regardless, that is why I have the e-mail address for anything that may be longer.
As for pictures, I think there are plenty of sites that are available with pictures, and I only use my own, so prefer to give information which may be more difficult to find.

Name : paul
E-Mail : Supplied
Date : 13 January 2010 20:17:47
From Page : harris.html

hi i was just wondering if ucould answer a question of mine that i havent been able to find a propper answer to? ive recentley purchaced a male harris hawk already haveing a female,and was wondering how long it will take before i can fly them both together in a cast? they have been in sepperate parts of the avery for about 3 weeks now kept on flying weight! would it b safe for me to take them both out hunting now or? is there anything else i need to do in order to keep them both safe? your information would be very appriciated and helpfull. thanks for your time,and i look forward to your reply.yours faithfully paul davis

I will repeat what I have often said on here :
I am not prepared to give out any form of advice without knowing anything about the person, and more importantly, the birds concerned. All birds & handlers are different, so there are too many different factors involved which may involve a lost or possibly dead bird.

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